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Postpartum Recovery Program


4th Trimester Recovery Focusing on YOU

Postpartum Recovery

We understand that a comprehensive approach is key in your postpartum recovery

Women may experience a change in bladder function, as well as a change in the anatomy of the pelvic cavity, vagina and surrounding organs.

Some women experience symptoms such as urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse, causing undue stress and affecting the mother’s quality of life. While some of these symptoms may improve with time, a significant number of women may sustain bothersome changes and long-lasting symptoms, particularly seen after consecutive births.





We recommend an initial postpartum assessment as early as 3-4 weeks after vaginal delivery and 6-8 after caesarean delivery.

Assessment prenatally is also encouraged, as we are able to provide birth support and optimize recovery prior to delivery. Each program is curated to fit each individual’s response to treatment and tailored to meet her goals.



Ready to get back to yourself?

We are exceptionally trained to help women manage these symptoms and allow them to return to their daily routines.


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