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Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Are you looking to incorporate exercise in your daily schedule during your pregnancy but unsure of the exercises that are safe? This is a common concern among pregnant women as they want to ensure they protect themselves and the baby from possible harm.

No need to be concerned, here are a list of exercises that you can safely practice throughout your entire pregnancy!

Brisk Waking. Taking walks daily are a sure way to get in the necessary cardio required for the day to keep you and baby healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Stationary Bike Riding. This is a safe way to work up a sweat in pregnancy. It keeps you and baby safe, in comparison to a regular mobile bike, as it keeps you steady without the possible dangers of bumpy terrains that can cause hazardous jerks or the risk of you falling off the bike.


Pilates and Yoga. When engaging in Yoga or Pilates it is important to choose poses that are pregnancy safe. When this is modified to fit your pregnancy stage you are good to go and in safe hands as you exercise.


Weight Training. It is completely safe to work out with light weights during your pregnancy with skilled and licensed guidance. Always ensure that the weights chosen are not too heavy. Weight training (strength training) keeps your muscles and bones strong during pregnancy.


Swimming. This form of activity is always a great selection during pregnancy because it naturally works every part of the body while your weight is supported by the water. Swimming helps to keep your heart rate elevated at the right level without being rigorous on your muscles and joints.


Final Thoughts

These exercises are not only safe but they are essential to promote health during pregnancy by keeping you physically and mentally balanced, improve the ability of natural birth and prepare your body for labor and delivery. Exercising during pregnancy lowers stress and aids in better sleep, reduces pregnancy discomforts and complications and aids in keeping a healthy weight throughout pregnancy.


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