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Parenting & Exercises: How to Do it All

They make us laugh, make us yell, make us facepalm in disbelief. Yet, they drastically change our lives for the better. They are our children - one of the mighty blessings of life. But, when you’re balancing a full-time career, taking care of your kids, and looking to find time for yourself, life can be a true three-ring circus. 


And so, while most of us acknowledge that exercise is an important part of our well-being, squeezing it in amidst all the chaos just seems like a lost cause. With busy schedules, it is not easy to find adequate time to practice your individual workouts, however, if you’re able to find the time, you’ll be quick to realize that regular exercise will make you and your family healthier and happier.


Evidence-based research finds that people who stay on top of their health are more likely to feel more energetic! Additionally, exercise helps facilitate weight loss, improves circulation, improves posture, and generally gives you a more positive outlook on life. 



If you’d like to find time for fitness but cannot seem to master the art of juggling all your responsibilities, we have some secret tips for you!


Finding the time to go to the gym can be a big challenge for parents especially if you’re dealing with a toddler or a newborn. Instead, you can take advantage of napping tots to exercise your fitness. Consider a brisk walk with a jog-stroller as your toddler conks out for his or her afternoon nap. You can park far away from your destination when running errands or when picking up your children from daycare.


We are sure that you can find chores to do around the house at all hours of the day. Often, the errands seem to be never-ending, so why not make the most of it? Walk or ride a bike to do errands, do squats while you’re picking up toys from the floor, or put on music and dance to the beat while you vacuum the carpet. The variations are endless!


There is nothing more fun and productive than working out with a friend. It is a practical way to make sure you’re accountable for your workouts and that you do not miss a session. A study from Michigan State University also found that doing aerobic exercise with a partner can improve the overall fitness results! So, call up your pal and go for a jog or join a gym after dropping the kids at school.


The next time your children are dashing about in the yard, grab a ball and join in. Playing with your children is not only a great way to get exercise but is also a good bonding opportunity. Shooting hoops, playing soccer, riding bites, playing tag, having a dance party, or going on massive adventure hunts, you can choose your fun!


Take turns watching the children one night a week or on weekends so that both of you can get exercise time. Or, you can also partner up with other parents or friends to take turns to babysit!


Early morning hours before your kids wake up can be a great workout time. Make the best use of this downtime to do yoga, catch up with an exercise DVD, or start a workout routine. You can also start walking your kids to school. This is a great way to get a few minutes of movement in the morning and get your body energized for the rest of the day.


It is important to remember that parenthood is not only about being present but about modeling good behavior. Working out can help you as well as your child stay healthy and inculcate good habits that last a lifetime. Stop making excuses - work out while on the run!




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