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Infertility in your 20s/30s

Why does it seem that women in the prime of their reproductive years are finding it difficult to conceive? Suddenly we have 27-year-olds seeking to begin IVF after realizing that they have unexplained infertility


Despite a minimal amount of research from the western world on this, a case-controlled study examining “Risk Factors of Infertility Among Young Women at Al- Najaf City” looking at participants between the ages of 17-24, concluded the following:
1. Women from urban residential areas are at higher risk for infertility as compared with rural residents.
2. Family history is one of the main risk factors for
3. The most common type of infertility is Primary
4. Discovered tha the further out from abdominal surgery a woman is, the more difficult it is to conceive
5. There was no age differences in those who married earlier vs later in relation to struggling with infertility
6. Tubal occlusion was a high occurrence in both groups
So what does this mean?

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