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Breastfeeding Positions

The feeling of growing a new life can be thrilling and awe-inspiring. But now that you’ve given birth, you may find that your days are polar opposites to when you were pregnant. There is nothing that can prepare you for life as a new mom. The first few weeks may be overwhelming and you may find yourself consumed in the endless shopping lists, midnight shrilling cries, and the panicked 3:00 AM Google searches.


Amidst the mayhem, nursing may be one of the many stressful jobs as a new mother. While making milk comes naturally, breastfeeding does not. Here we delve deep into the most efficient ways to breastfeed your baby.



It is good to note that, despite there not being one right way to hold or feed your baby, proper positioning is essential while breastfeeding. With the right breastfeeding positions, you can help your newborn latch on the right way and prevent nipple soreness and other breastfeeding problems. 



The way a mother holds her baby determines how easy it is for her baby to feed. Here is a guide to the four best breastfeeding positions to nurse your newborn.

  1. \Breastfeeding Positions: Pros and Cons via lactationlink.com1. Laid-back position

Also known as biological nursing, this natural position is often the first instinctive stance used by new mothers for breastfeeding. It is a good choice for anyone, but maybe especially helpful if you’re nursing a preemie, twins, a baby that has difficulty latching on, or a baby with super-sensitive tummies or excess gas.


To breastfeed your baby in a laid-back position:



Latching a Baby in the Cross-Cradle Nursing Position

2. Cradle hold position

The cradle hold is the classic position most of us picture when we think of breastfeeding. It may be difficult to breastfeed your baby in this position right from the get-go, but once your baby learns to latch on, this is a comfortable way to breastfeed.


To breastfeed your baby in a cradle hold position:


Latching a Baby in the Cross-Cradle Nursing Position

3. Cross-cradle hold

The cross-cradle hold looks very similar to the cradle hold but your arms are switched so your baby’s body lies along your opposite forearm. This position makes it easier for your baby to access your nipple and may work well for nursing preemies, newborns, and babies that have trouble getting latched on.


To breastfeed your baby in a cross-cradle hold position:

Breastfeeding Techniques | Swedish Medical Center Seattle and Issaquah

4. Football hold/Side Hold

Also known as the clutch hold, this position is perfect for nursing twins. You may also benefit from this nursing position if you’re rehearsing breastfeeding after a cesarean section where the baby does not lay across your abdomen. Mothers with large breasts and those with flat or inverted nipples may prefer this position.


To breastfeed your baby in a football hold position:


Through many trial-and-errors, you’ll be able to find the best position that works for you. 




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